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The Swiss electronic vaccination record

About us

What does the foundation myvaccines want to achieve?
The foundation myvaccines aims to offer an electronic vaccine record free of charge to the general public on The foundation is also involved in raising awareness for vaccinations.

One aim of creating an e-vaccine record and making this available to the population free of charge is both a technical and financial challenge. The foundation is taking on this challenge and seeking funding and options to implement this aim in the long-term. Another pillar is assisted by the Federal Office of Public Health, which supports the foundation's ideals and finances the vaccination protection check section.

The foundation fulfils a public duty. The foundation operates throughout Switzerland and is therefore subject to the Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority, the ESA.
Foundation Board
Claire-Anne Siegrist-Julliard
Prof. Dr. med.
Claire-Anne Siegrist-Julliard
Head of the Vaccinology Center HUG
Cofounder viavac GmbH
President of the Foundation Board
and founding member
Dr. med.
Virginie Masserey Spicher
Pediatric infectious disease physician
Martine Bouvier Gallacchi
Dr. med.
Martine Bouvier Gallacchi
Head of the Health Promotion Office
Department of Health and Social Welfare,
Canton of Ticino

Hannes Boesch
Hannes Boesch
CEO Arpage AG
Founding member
Fabian Vaucher
President and General Director of pharmaSuisse
Dr. med.
Carlos Beat Quinto
Member of the FMH Central Board

Christian Greuter
Christian Greuter
Director of the Ärztekasse

Stiftung meineimpfungen
Mattenstrasse 9
CH-3073 Gümligen
+41 31 511 50 80